How to catch Islan Nettles Killer:


LGBT Leaders fail to inquire why Simone Wilson (Mother of Paris Wilson, accused of beating Trans Woman Islan Nettles to death) who forced his friend to confess to the crime was NOT charged with a crime!

trans-killingIf Trans Lives Matter, when will our actions mirror those words? Luz’s Daughter Cares  is wondering why LGBT leaders and organizations are so quiet about  improper actions that took place during the investigation into the brutal murder of Trans woman Islan Nettles? Matter of fact, LGBT leadership have yet to “question” anything.

While updates from the DA’s office seem to suffice for others, I beg to differ.

In my opinion, it is no wonder the investigation was destined to fail, which it did, from the start.  The fact that once Islan  was rushed to Harlem Hospital, NYPD/DA did not follow up with Islan Nettles condition or contact her family until after she was pronounced dead, tells us the first 48 hours, the most important time frame of an investigation, was totally disregarded.  Another red flag is the “no camera footage” excuse the DA informed the public about. When the organizations were “updated” the DA couldn’t get a”visual” from the cameras on exactly who beat Islan to death, what was the response to that?


Oh yes, now I remember –  “Some of the cameras were not working”. Is that right? Directly on and across the street from a police station? Did you see that huge camera set up on the same street Miss Islan’s  head was fatally slammed on? Be advised, non-working cameras on a Harlem street directly across from a police precinct is an issue within itself and should have been addressed ASAP! It only took Luz’s Daughter Cares 2 willing bodies, an hour travel time, a $9 metrocard and a camera phone to note some VERY important information related to those cameras but no one was interested.

Lastly and just as negligent, community leaders failed to question why charges were not brought against the Wilson mother for tampering with the investigation. Maybe forcing a family friend to confess to a crime isn’t one. Yeah, right. What a fool believes…

For those unaware of what I am referring to, continue to read:

“Wilson’s mother has now been accused of taking one of his friends to a police precinct, where she made him confess to the crime and claim he was too drunk to remember anything about it”.

Luz’s Daughter Cares is praying those that can do something, will. Do refrain from repeating to the public yet another update from the DA’s office craftily put together by an intern. We don’t want to hear what THEY want us to know. We want to KNOW what THEY are NOT telling us. In other words, Luz’s Daughter Cares is saying, until the LGBT leaders are willing to “Get their hands dirty” and ask the “not so comfy” questions,we won’t get answers for the public. Even more importantly our Trans family deserves answers! Until you are ready to put your neck (or funding ) on the line  for true equality in everything for Trans people – stop waving the “Trans Lives Matter” banner.

The laziness all around has me yawning.

I know some of you are saying, “Who does this broad think she is? We have degrees, big titles, get political dinner invites and chat with the DA like buddies!”   

I’m nobody special.

I’m just Luz’s Daughter Cares.

Islan Nettles’ Murder and the Shameful (Non-)Response of LGBs

So, you haven’t heard about this? Haven’t seen your lesbian, gay, and bi friends posting about it and changing their profile pictures to raise awareness about this injustice?

Maybe that’s because Islan was a Trans Woman of Color (TWOC)!


Luz’s Daughter Cares Press Release “Occupy the Courthouse” Justice For Islan Nettles





RE: Luz’s Daughter Cares & LGBT Community Demands Justice in Brutal Transphobic Murder of Islan Nettles

On November 19th, 2013, New York-based activist group, Luz’s Daughter Cares, in collaboration with supporters from LGBT organizations and allies, will protest the NYPD’s negligent investigation of the brutal beating death of transgender woman, Islan Nettles.  New York County District Attorney Cyrus R.Vance, Jr. and New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly also failed to raise the criminal charges against alleged murderer, Paris Wilson, from a misdemeanor to a hate crime. The protest will take place during the second court hearing for Paris Wilson on Tuesday, November 19th in New York City at the Criminal Court on 100 Centre Street.

In Harlem, N.Y., on August 17, 2013, Paris Wilson, accompanied by friends, flirted with Islan Nettles and upon realizing she was transgender, became enraged and began to harass her and her transgender companions with homophobic slurs. Directly across the street from an NYPD station on 148th Street and Frederick Douglas Boulevard, Wilson was seen forcefully punching Miss Nettles until she fell to the pavement, slamming her head on concrete. Wilson was still punching Nettles in the face and head when police arrived (they were notified by one of Nettles’ friends). Police pulled Wilson off of Nettles and Nettles was transported to Harlem Hospital and admitted with severe head trauma. Following a misdemeanor charge of third degree assault, Wilson was immediately released from jail on a mere $2,000 bail. Nettles never regained consciousness and the NYPD took no further action. Sadly, on August 23rd, Islan Nettles was declared brain dead and removed from life support.

Between August 17th and 23rd, authorities failed to take statements from witnesses at the crime scene, nor did they question the friends present with Wilson or Nettles. In the interim, Simone Wilson, mother of Paris Wilson, allegedly coerced a friend of her son to confess to the crime. The said young man ultimately denied the allegations; Simone Wilson was not held accountable for falsifying evidence or hindering the investigation; and police took no action on behalf of Nettles. Finally, on August 23rd, NYPD officers took the time to go to Harlem Hospital to investigate further and question the family and friends of the victim. By then, Miss Nettles was pronounced dead. At Paris Wilson’s October 4th hearing, authorities claimed they did not have enough evidence to proceed, that they were still “vetting” the evidence and that in fact, the alleged suspect was perhaps a victim of mistaken identity.

This protest calls for DA Vance and NYC Police Commissioner Kelly to investigate the precinct and arresting officers initially involved in the arrest of Paris Wilson for failure to immediately and adequately investigate the crime scene, question witnesses, and retain video footage from the ten (10) cameras located in the area. This protest also calls for the charges against Paris Wilson to be upgraded to a hate crime. Further failure to do so sends a message to the public that the lives of Islan Nettles and other transgender individuals do not hold the same value as heterosexual or lesbian, gay, and bisexual persons in our society. Further, the protesters assert that had either the victim or the accused been Caucasian, the investigation would have been thorough from the start, the charges would have been upgraded to a homicide/hate crime, and the bail increased.

Paris Wilson should not be on the streets on a $2,000 bail while Islan Nettles lies in her grave.

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Date & Place: Tuesday, November 19, 2013, 2:15 P.M. SHARP

NYC Criminal Court – 100 Centre Street, New York, NY

Contact: Twitter @Luzs_D_Cares