Startling information about Paris Wilson, alleged murderer of Islan Nettles: His mother is a Lesbian!?

While the media’s main focus of the brutal beating death of Islan Nettles has remained targeted at Trans People and the family of Islan Nettles, mainly her mother Delores Nettles, little if anything is known about Paris Wilson and his family.

374495_10202643527795098_442932404_nIs Paris’s mother, Simone Wilson, who I refer to as “Mommy Dearest”  a Lesbian? If so, that would mean at some point in his life Paris has been raised in a same-sex household! See that woman to the left of the picture in the beige sweater?  She was part of the group coming and going with the Wilson family at both court dates.  Her name is Shaun Jackson of S.W.A.G. Enterprises ( As a matter of fact, Shaun and Mariah Lopez, Lopez being a Trans Woman/Activist, got into a heated exchange after the first court hearing in October. Playing devils advocate, is Shaun  the latest or last of women who helped raised Paris? If that is the case, are you as shocked as I am!?? As upset as I am!??

How is it possible that the un-remorseful, angry man who allegedly murdered Islan Nettles with his bare hands was raised by a member of the LGBT community? This just doesn’t make sense.

Oh, it makes sense all right…

A large part of it is pure ignorance. God forbid we instill in our kids, “Do onto others as you would have them do onto you” (Luke 6:31). I don’t care if you are religious or not – the Bible is priceless at keeping it real! The other part is what Trans people have been saying all along; while Trans People are the “T” in the LGBT community they remain ostracized, unprotected, hated, misunderstood and misrepresented not only by straight people but by Lesbian, Gays and Bi-sexuals as well. Trans People of Color have it even worse!

I am not saying as a Lesbian, I understand everything Trans, but shit, I don’t understand everything Gay, Chinese or Latin either! I do understand HUMANITY. I do understand that all creations are the Children of the most High. He/She brought us into this world & He/She is the only one with the authority to take us out!

To all who have their heads up their asses about the fate,  intolerance and danger Trans people endure daily that we, Lesbian, Gay & Bisexuals do not have to contend with,WAKE UP! If Tran peoples so-called “own”(LGB Community) don’t have the presence of mind to raise awareness and  tolerance within their own family/friends and to not apply the same discrimination they endure onto others – why do we expect the straight community to do it? Is it not, “Lead by example”?

Back to Mommy Dearest; if you are or have been part of the LGBT community, SHAME ON YOU!

– For not being your Brother/Sisters Keeper

– For raising a bully who puts his hands on women. Yes, damn it a Woman! Islan Nettles is a SHE!!!

– For knowing what happened that night and choosing to be silent.

– For not encouraging your child to do the right thing.The right thing, not in the eyes of man but in the eyes of God. You did the crime do the time! If you didn’t and know who did, you are just as guilty.

– Mommy Dearest, if this is your idea of Gay parenting, don’t do us any more favors! The Trans Community has enough hatred from society to contend with. Who needs to add offspring of LGB kids to the list!?

Hey, maybe I’m just thinking way too deep into this. Maybe you are not part of the community but have associations with us. Does that change anything? It does not. You wouldn’t want anyone to harm or kill your aggressive Lesbian associations because they appear mannish would you? The same applies to Trans People!

Lastly, I want you to all focus for a minute on the details of the case from August through today. Close your eyes, breath in deeply. Bring your hands together over your head, stretch and exhale. Aaaah, that feels good.

Did you channel all the info about the case through your mind? You did? Good!

Simone Wilson - CropDid any of you have the presence of mind to ask yourself WHY the f!@k the media did not cover the Wilsons!? I mean, go ahead and Google Paris Wilson or Simone Wilson. Only 1 or 2 pictures come up and that is all thanks to media covering the two Occupy the Courthouse Rally’s (see Mommy Dearest in the royal blue dress holding her sons arm? The photo was snapped by DNAinfo). Even so, their photos were not included in any of the news articles.  I mean, lets keep it real, this IS a Black on Black crime. Any other time a Black MAN is accused of a crime we can’t wait for them to stop putting them on the front page. Media is all up in their face and chasing them into cars. So why not this time??

Think about it. This IS a high-profile crime. After all, it IS shocking and scary that a Trans woman can be beaten to death across the street from a police station lined with 10 cameras in New York City. NYC is internationally known as the City of Acceptance and Tolerance, right?  The death of Islan Nettles was so high profile, politicians including Christine Quinn, came out for the vigil organized by LGBT organizations. All the right people showed up and  all the right people cried and wailed for justice in front of the cameras.  Just as quickly as the outcry over islan’s death started, it was over. Most crawled back under the rock they came from with pictures worth posting and sharing on Twitter and Facebook. The demand for justice for Islan Nettles was..well, there was no demand. Not until Luz’s Daughter Cares put our two cents in.

I mean really, none of you, Lambda Legal, GMHC, AVP, LGBT Center, Audre Lourde, Ali Forney, Harlem Pride, Faith Leaders questioned this? Was it just okay to exploit Islan Nettles? The media remained focused on reblogging the details of the Islan Nettles vigil as if to brand into our brains like a herd of sheep, they gave a damn  and the city of NY gave a damn. Well okay, but what of the Wilson’s? No lights, cameras or action? It’s like someone put out a Gag order on investigating/reporting the Wilson’s. I must say, I’ve never seen an accused murderer and his family granted so much.. “Gasp” – PRIVACY!! Why is that? Rumor has it the Wilson’s have NYPD in their family.

It could be just a rumor but did any LGBT organizations invest any time, any manpower from their budget too look beneath the surface? Or, were you fine with whatever the DA’s office told you?

I suggest you get off your asses and DO something, DEMAND something. The botched investigation on the day Islan Nettles was beaten to the ground needs to be investigated!

Ahh hell, maybe I am being too harsh. For all I know you are afraid of the Bloomberg Administration or of Ray Kelly.

I mean after all, who am I but a person? I’m just a minion compared to you big organizations.

I am just Luz’s Daughter Cares.

Did Paris Wilson get away with murder? A Visual account of the Islan Nettles Court Hearing on 11/19/13

Visual account of events here: Occupy the Courthouse #2 Justice for Islan Nettles Protest

374495_10202643527795098_442932404_nStatement by the Manhattan District Attorney’s office at the trial of Paris Wilson, accused killer of Islan Nettles.
This was the complete statement read by the prosecutor in court Tuesday, 11/19/13:

“As the Court is aware, the defendant was originally arrested in this case on a charge of misdemeanor assault. Several days after the arrest, the victim died from her injuries. Since that time, we have been aggressively investigating the crime as a homicide.
For the reasons referenced in court on the prior two dates, however, the case has turned out to be a uniquely complex one, and we are not yet prepared to go to the grand jury. However we continue to actively investigate this case in the hopes of ultimately holding the person responsible for this crime accountable. Today, we concede that eh speedy trial time has run with only with regards to the misdemeanor with which the defendant is charged – and thus the case must be dismissed. It should be emphasized, however, that the crime we are investigating, homicide, has no statutory speedy-trial deadline. Therefore, should our ongoing investigation ultimately result in an indictment of Mr. Wilson for homicide, the case would be promptly restored to the calendar and would move forward, notwithstanding today’s dismissal of the misdemeanor charge.”

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Islan Nettles’ Murder and the Shameful (Non-)Response of LGBs

So, you haven’t heard about this? Haven’t seen your lesbian, gay, and bi friends posting about it and changing their profile pictures to raise awareness about this injustice?

Maybe that’s because Islan was a Trans Woman of Color (TWOC)!


UPDATE Islan Nettles Case: Charges Dropped Against Paris Wilson!!


By default the misdemeanor charges were dropped because the Manhattan DA could not support  the claims against Paris Wilson. Islan Nettles death is ruled a homicide and is an open investigation.



Luz’s Daughter Cares Suggestion:

(1) Witnesses MUST come forward!! The Friends of Islan Nettles who were with her that night need to speak up. LGBT organizations need to make sure they are protected if and when they do. Paris Wilson, his friends and family are NOT going to do the right thing. Period.


(2) LGBTQ community, groups and organizations – do not get weary! It is our responsibility to keep this case relevant and alive. Do not stop questioning and do not accept  yet another unsolved Trans Person murder!


(3) Be united and not divided in the quest for Justice. The proof of such are in the numbers that come out and support or lack thereof. Trans People of the community deserve more from us all. At the end of the day, all humans are equal and all deserve equality. The umbrella that covers the LGBQ community often leaves our Trans Family out in the rain.


(4) You are not God. Judge not lest ye be judged! Live & Let Live…

Luz’s Daughter Cares Press Release “Occupy the Courthouse” Justice For Islan Nettles





RE: Luz’s Daughter Cares & LGBT Community Demands Justice in Brutal Transphobic Murder of Islan Nettles

On November 19th, 2013, New York-based activist group, Luz’s Daughter Cares, in collaboration with supporters from LGBT organizations and allies, will protest the NYPD’s negligent investigation of the brutal beating death of transgender woman, Islan Nettles.  New York County District Attorney Cyrus R.Vance, Jr. and New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly also failed to raise the criminal charges against alleged murderer, Paris Wilson, from a misdemeanor to a hate crime. The protest will take place during the second court hearing for Paris Wilson on Tuesday, November 19th in New York City at the Criminal Court on 100 Centre Street.

In Harlem, N.Y., on August 17, 2013, Paris Wilson, accompanied by friends, flirted with Islan Nettles and upon realizing she was transgender, became enraged and began to harass her and her transgender companions with homophobic slurs. Directly across the street from an NYPD station on 148th Street and Frederick Douglas Boulevard, Wilson was seen forcefully punching Miss Nettles until she fell to the pavement, slamming her head on concrete. Wilson was still punching Nettles in the face and head when police arrived (they were notified by one of Nettles’ friends). Police pulled Wilson off of Nettles and Nettles was transported to Harlem Hospital and admitted with severe head trauma. Following a misdemeanor charge of third degree assault, Wilson was immediately released from jail on a mere $2,000 bail. Nettles never regained consciousness and the NYPD took no further action. Sadly, on August 23rd, Islan Nettles was declared brain dead and removed from life support.

Between August 17th and 23rd, authorities failed to take statements from witnesses at the crime scene, nor did they question the friends present with Wilson or Nettles. In the interim, Simone Wilson, mother of Paris Wilson, allegedly coerced a friend of her son to confess to the crime. The said young man ultimately denied the allegations; Simone Wilson was not held accountable for falsifying evidence or hindering the investigation; and police took no action on behalf of Nettles. Finally, on August 23rd, NYPD officers took the time to go to Harlem Hospital to investigate further and question the family and friends of the victim. By then, Miss Nettles was pronounced dead. At Paris Wilson’s October 4th hearing, authorities claimed they did not have enough evidence to proceed, that they were still “vetting” the evidence and that in fact, the alleged suspect was perhaps a victim of mistaken identity.

This protest calls for DA Vance and NYC Police Commissioner Kelly to investigate the precinct and arresting officers initially involved in the arrest of Paris Wilson for failure to immediately and adequately investigate the crime scene, question witnesses, and retain video footage from the ten (10) cameras located in the area. This protest also calls for the charges against Paris Wilson to be upgraded to a hate crime. Further failure to do so sends a message to the public that the lives of Islan Nettles and other transgender individuals do not hold the same value as heterosexual or lesbian, gay, and bisexual persons in our society. Further, the protesters assert that had either the victim or the accused been Caucasian, the investigation would have been thorough from the start, the charges would have been upgraded to a homicide/hate crime, and the bail increased.

Paris Wilson should not be on the streets on a $2,000 bail while Islan Nettles lies in her grave.

See:  and

Date & Place: Tuesday, November 19, 2013, 2:15 P.M. SHARP

NYC Criminal Court – 100 Centre Street, New York, NY

Contact: Twitter @Luzs_D_Cares


Tomorrow Islan Nettles alleged murderer “Paris Wilson” is back in court. Join us! Trans Lives Matter!!

We are hearing the DA office may switch the hearing time to 2:15pm. This could be a ploy to confuse the protest!! We change the time and they have the hearing as originally scheduled for 9:00am. Maybe it’s just a change..

They will not throw Us off! If We have to be there from Morning to Afternoon so be it!!! Please be prepared for schedule changes & dress comfortably.



Criminal Court – 100 Centre Street- Between Hogan Place & White Street NYC 10013

Take the “6” or “N”or “R” or “E” train to Canal Street
On Canal Head towards Centre Street
Turn Right down Centre Street for Approx. 2 blocks

Deadline to sign Justice for Islan Nettles Petition is November 17th – Lets make the numbers soar! Please sign, post, email & Tweet for support. Take the pledge to ask 10 friends to sign today!!

Sign here:


Follow on Twitter using #IamIslan #IslanNettles #Pledge4Islan

Thank you for supporting a “Lotus” Cause!