EXTREME WEATHER – Midwest hit by 78 Tornadoes

An unusually large and strong late-season storm system ripped through several states across the Midwest on Sunday, spawning tornadoes and tearing through homes and overturning cars along its path. Here’s a snapshot of what is happening, state by state:


PHILLIPINES Update: What happens when catastrophe & shock transitions to survival? Anarchy.

“We can survive without these houses … we’ll sleep anywhere. But we need food. Only food,” she said. “No money, no places, no televisions, no cellphones, no technology. Food, we need food.”

“The looting is not criminality. It is self-preservation,” he said.

“We are not looters, what we were looking for is food,” one desperate man told NBC News on Tuesday


***Luz’s Daughter Cares is praying what remains of Law Enforcement in hard hit areas of the Philippines,  will understand Survivors are simply trying to salvage basics such as food and water for their families. Dudes, take it easy with the AK-47’s***



Stop the Keystone XL Pipeline & Prevent Tar Spills!!



The Dangers of Fracking


If Fracking comes to New York the earthquakes, cancer causing drinking water will surely follow!

Stop fracking infrastructure in NY!


Right now, Governor Cuomo and the Department of Conservation are considering regulations that would create a massive infrastructure buildout to transport, store and ultimately export fracked natural gas around the world.

Even worse, the regulations have woefully inadequate safety provisions. New York has already seen just how dangerous liquified natural gas can be — in the 1970s, a massive explosion in a storage facility killed 40 workers in Staten Island. We need to learn from our mistakes and reject any regulations that do not adequately protect our safety.


Take action now and demand that Governor Cuomo and his administration withdraw these regulations from consideration.



US fracking wells annually produce 280bn gallons of toxic waste water destroying environment – report

US fracking wells annually produce 280bn gallons of toxic waste water destroying environment – report

Fracking a single well can use between two and nine million gallons of water combined with sand and chemicals. Much of the fresh water used returns to the earth’s surface, but contains radium and bromides.  “When bromide in the wastewater mixes with chlorine (often used at drinking water treatment plants), it produces trihalomethanes, chemicals that cause cancer and increase the risk of reproductive or developmental health problems,” the report notes.