African-Americans ROCK (#AAR) Don’t Let anyone tell you otherwise! Black Inventors and their Inventions List!


“The Harb” by Augusta Savage

Here is the Museum of Black Inventions and Innovations Black Inventors and their Inventions List!

We have busting our asses as slaves for 500+ years then working like a slave since. Is it really astonishing WE (African Americans) would invent what was needed to make our jobs easier?



The Kitty Bella Radio Show discusses the Islan Nettles case from a very different perspective. Go ahead, take it personal.

1618530_10201652134969226_1747043141_nRecently, Luz’s Daughter Cares spoke on a radio show to discuss our very early involvement in the “Justice for Islan Nettles” case. Today however, we’d like to share another such experience with you that is very unique.

Tune in for our 1st invite to discuss the Islan Nettles case by a radio show hosted by a  “Trans Woman about Trans Women”.  It’s the The Kitty Bella Show Online Radio!

We are delighted and honored to be a guest.

Listen as Luz’s Daughter Cares shares one of the appalling disappointments encountered in the quest to keep Trans Women safe during a volunteer project in seeking Justice for Islan Nettles.

Hear it for yourself here:  OUR LIVES MATTER STATE OF EMERGENCY


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Top 15 African-American MUST READ Books for Black History Month


In order to celebrate where we are, we have to know where we came from. My collection is mostly first editions or used books overlooked and sold for as little as $0.25.  Lucky me. While I read a lot, I do not save all the books I read. I believe these books in particular educate, torture and nurture our souls in the truth. These books are not “whitewashed” to minimize the sting of what we have endured. Nor do they patronize excuses or make American seem less than the horror it was. Especially original editions.

My take on recently published history books is they are not as forthright unless the “source” is reliable. When I purchase “contemporary” history books, I cross reference them with my dated ones for accuracy. Try, if it is cost effective, to purchase retro editions as the text will be more original. Otherwise, well – you get it.

These books are NOT just for People of Color. I encourage other races to explore the history of where African-Americans “Truly” came from, where we been and how it impacts where we are going. The truth may hurt but the truth shall also set you free.

So to all I say, enjoy!

Here are the Top 15 African-American “Must Read” Books for Black History Month:

Black History Books

1) African Presence in Early Europe by Ivan Van Sertima

2) The African Slave Trade (pre-colonial History 1450-1850) by Basil Davidson

3) Negro Thought in America 1880-1915 Racial Ideologies in the Age of Booker T. Washington

by August Meier

4) A profile of the Negro American by Thomas F. Pettigrew

5) The Harder We Run by William H. Harris

6) The Souls of Black Folk by W.E.B Dubois 


7) Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass (An American Slave)  (Both Classics in one Book)

8) Black Leadership in America 1895-1968 by John White

9) Black Families by Harriette Pipes McAdoo

10) Black Leaders of the Nineteenth by Leon Litwack  & August Meier

11) Black Leaders in the Twentieth Century by John Hope Franklin & August Meier

12) Eyes of the Prize America’s Civil Rights Years (1954-1965) by Juan Williams

13) Assata: An Autobiography by Assata Shakur

14) The Autobiography of Malcolm X: As Told to Alex Haley by Malcolm X, AlexHaley and Attallah Shabazz

15) In the Name of Elijah Muhammad: Louis Farrakhan and The Nation of Islam

(The C. Eric Lincoln Series on the Black Experience)

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Help us get “Justice for Islan Nettles!”

tumblr_mvk0l7QNqd1sshd1to3_500This is How YOU can help:

Luz’s Daughter Cares is asking the community to  download & print out the attached Flyer as is or in black & white. Please distribute and post the “Wanted” flyer around the 5 boroughs of New York City and Everywhere else! Never underestimate where information can come from. We have all witnessed the effectiveness of such an action from a very recent tragic case here in NYC.

It’s been six months since the gruesome beating death of Trans Woman Islan Nettles took place in Harlem, New York.  Lack of action by New York County District Attorney Cyrus R. Vance, Jr. and New York Police Commissioner Ray Kelly prompted Luz’s Daughter Cares to Petition for an informative investigation and the arrest of Paris Wilson who was on the street on $2,000 bail. Yes, a mere $2,000 bail was all Paris Wilson was given despite the “fact” Islan Nettles was already unconscious when police arrived on the scene (scene being across the street from the precinct).

As information and awareness about the case withered, we wanted to make “sure” authorities knew, “TRANS LIVES MATTER” and we were “Very” much aware of their “shabby” investigation of a Transgender of color murder case.  Despite Several “Occupy the Courthouse” protests organized by E. Nariko Wright of Luz’s Daughter Cares and endorsed by a few Transgender & Cisgender groups during the 2013 court dates – The Manhattan DA dropped the “silly” misdemeanor charges against the accused attacker Paris Wilson, due to lack of evidence during the November 18, 2013 court hearing.  The Nettles Family, and the LGB/Trans community were devastated. Paris Wilson appears to have gotten away with Murder or in the least, knows the person who did.  That Wilson clan has refused to “Do the Right Thing”. The Wilsons remain silent and unapologetic for their involvement in the death of a human being.

A very unified LGBQ and Trans People coalition of Human Rights Groups made it very clear silence was not an option. On January 30, 2014, we roared  “JUSTICE FOR ISLAN NETTLES” at One Police Plaza, NYC!

Still, my heart remains torn and I cannot be satisfied until we have justice in this case. An arrest for the murder of Islan Nettles! No has been charged and the case is cold.  Authorities need more information.

Lastly, Islan Nettles R.I.P.


For the rest of us and the Nettles family, until there is Justice, there shall be no Peace. Period.

E. Nariko Wright,

Luz’s Daughter Cares

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