Racism, Sexism, And The 50-Year Campaign To Undermine The War On Poverty

povertyIt has been 50 years since Lyndon Johnson first declared that the nation could, “for the first time in our history,” conquer and win a war on poverty, pledging a “total commitment by this President, and this Congress, and this nation, to pursue victory over the most ancient of mankind’s enemies.”

1960s –

Reagan: “She wanted a divorce to get an 80 dollar raise.”

Late 1960s – Early 1970s –

Nixon claims the War on Poverty programs led to race riots, “violence and failure across the land.”

1980s –

Reagan seizes on “the continued backlash against civil rights” to oppose welfare programs.

1990s –

Bill Clinton’s welfare reform and chastity training for poor single mothers.

2000s –

President Bush expands food stamps and unemployment benefits.

2012 –

The 47 percent.

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About Luzs Daughter Cares

Luz's Daughter Cares is a direct action group dedicated to ending discrimination, violence, oppression and injustice against Humanity. We embrace two Symbols of Virtue: (1) The Lotus Flower - Rising and blooming above the murk to achieve enlightenment. (2) The Humanity Flag - Symbolic of kindness, mercy, sympathy and unity for the ENTIRE human race with respect for individuality and no prejudice based on nationality, race/color, creed, gender or religion. Nariko Wright founded Luz's Daughter Cares in loving memory of her mother, "Luz". http://about.me/NarikoWright

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