What’s Next for Gay Rights in 2014?

LGBT GlobeThe year 2013 was a banner one for gay marriage—but some LGBT activists are asking whether the movement is headed down the path to true equality and liberation.

But more broadly, at the same time that LGBT civil rights had its banner year in America, economic inequality reached record highs, the Supreme Court gutted voting rights and threw affirmative action into question, and dozens of state and federal laws were pushed to restrict women’s reproductive freedom.  In this sense, it would appear that the rising tide of LGBT equality is not lifting the entire boat of justice.  That should give us all pause.

I don’t mean to be a party pooper. We should certainly celebrate the great leaps forward for gay rights in 2013, in marriage equality but also with cultural markers and especially polls showing that the public is becoming more accepting. But in 2014, we must revisit the guiding philosophy of the gay movement and whether our strategies and tactics are pursuing liberation for all—gay and straight, black white and brown, women and men and trans—or merely some.  This debate, more vibrant in decades past, is in urgent need of revival. If 2013 was the year that Americans of all stripes and social movements joined the careening bandwagon for gay rights, may 2014 be the year in which the LGBT movement returns the favor with a vision of liberation for all.

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1.01.2014 The Daily Beast


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