‘Recipe for disaster’: Haitian human smuggling on the rise

‘Thousands try, hundreds die’
Most of the Haitians who take to the sea are fleeing the extreme poverty in Haiti, the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere which in 2010 was devastated by a massive earthquake.

Eighty percent of Haiti’s population lives below the poverty line. Most Haitians don’t have formal jobs, can’t find enough to eat and don’t have access to adequate housing and medical care.


Luz’s Daughter Cares recommends “The Uses of Haiti” by Paul Farmer for an accurate and thorough insight into the plight of Haiti.



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Luz's Daughter Cares is a direct action group dedicated to ending discrimination, violence, oppression and injustice against Humanity. We embrace two Symbols of Virtue: (1) The Lotus Flower - Rising and blooming above the murk to achieve enlightenment. (2) The Humanity Flag - Symbolic of kindness, mercy, sympathy and unity for the ENTIRE human race with respect for individuality and no prejudice based on nationality, race/color, creed, gender or religion. Nariko Wright founded Luz's Daughter Cares in loving memory of her mother, "Luz". http://about.me/NarikoWright

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